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About Us

Walking with Coltrane

Awwdorable Pets. We understand that your furry friend is a member of the family. Whether your pooch needs an exercise break during the weekday or your cat would appreciate someone to purr to and curl up with while you’re away or at work, our purpose is to provide them with loving care, exercise and attention. We provide individual attention and will not group your pets with any other pets.

Our Philosophy!

We are pet people too and pamper

Your pets deserve no less!

our four-legged family members

Founder– Julia Moreno Perri

I grew up with cats and dogs. My first cat and I were best friends! He would jump up on the fence and meow for me to come over to him. I’d stand by the fence and tap my shoulder. He would carefully take a step down onto my shoulder. What a wonderful, trusting relationship!

Throughout middle, high school and college, I would pet sit in our neighborhood. My customers stayed with me for about a decade.

Post-college, friends referred me to pet sit and dog walk. People recognized my love and commitment to their pets. I truly enjoy pets and pet people from all walks of life!

Related experience also includes working as an Office Manager at a Pet Photography business where I welcomed dogs, cats and their humans to the studio.

I went on to work in Pet Videography and produced videos of various pet-related businesses, riders, and organizations.

Sunflower Farms

I have worked in the corporate, and creative sectors for two decades. A creative person, I’ve worked for companies including Apple as a Technical Trainer and at Hewlett-Packard, where I produced and edited digital media content. I’ve worked in live television, cable, independent productions and legal support. A seasoned professional, I bring the same dedication to attentiveness and customer service to Awwdorable Pets. A woman and minority-owned business, I am vested in the success of happy pets!

I’d love to meet you and your pets!



We are a member of

PUPS, Professional United Pet Sitters.

Now I’d like to introduce you to my Pet Family!

Rhyme and Reason at home
Rhyme and Reason at home

Reason, our cherub, is a nature lover! He is the elder of the crew and is quite a lovable fellow. He and his brother, Rhyme, meowed their way into our hearts late one fall evening not long after we moved to Houston. We opened the front door and two white flashes darted into the house after hearing a kitten meow one night. We were immediately smitten by these kittens! Rhyme and Reason chose us for their family. Lots of fun times with these two. Sadly, Rhyme has since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Maxine is the sweetheart of the house. We moved into a new neighborhood several years ago. When we first moved in, we noticed a grey tabby hanging around the yard. We learned that she had been abandoned by the previous owner of a neighbor’s house. We noticed her peering into the windows cautiously to see who moved into her terrain! Slowly over time we gained her confidence and trust and we adopted her into the family. She is vigilant of the comings and goings of the rest of the household. A beautiful soul!

Leo. Bello Leo, Leonardo di Voce. Leo was the sweet, gentle tiger of the group. He announced his arrival into our lives with a bellowing voice. He immediately made himself at home and the rest is history. He was smitten with Maxine. He was a Daddy’s child, following him around with the dog. The three were quite the trio. Sadly, Leo crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. He is very missed like Rhyme.

Agosto Gusto aka Spruce Willis! Walking the dog one night, we heard a kitten’s cry from a neighbor’s driveway. By a parked car we saw a tiny kitten. He literally fit in one hand. I nursed him back to health over several months and today he is the feisty, lovable playful addition to the family. He loves following Reason around the neighborhood and learns life’s lessons from Maxine who will tell him when to simmer down.

Coltrane – A Love Supreme! A super handsome Australian Shepherd Rottweiler! He came to us via a Corridor Rescue Street team member who took him off the streets and cared for him. She realized that he would be a perfect match for us and brought him over for us to meet him…we fell in love! Our dear Coltrane is the sweetest dog ever! We are thankful everyday for his presence in our lives – he brings us so much joy.