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27 Nov 2015

Bask in the Sun!  0

Maxine basking in the sun!

Maxine paid her Awwdorable Pet bill and is now basking in the sun! It’s not too late!

Invoices due tomorrow

Go ahead and pay your invoice and then grab some lemonade and relax! #AwwdorablePet #Maxine

02 Sep 2015

We’ve Gone Electronic!  0


We are happy to announce that we have gone electronic!

Customers may log onto their own portal page to enter registration information including pet information (names, photos, medication, behaviors, training information, etc.), book appointments, check their calendar, make payments and view invoices.

There are also smartphone apps available to view some of your account information on you phone!

Customers will receive their portal information once the initial consultation is completed.


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