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1. How do I schedule dog walking or pet sitting?

Answer: Email us to set up an Initial Visit for Customer Registration. Once this is completed, you’ll receive your portal link to log on and complete pet information, book appointments and more.

2. Do you train dogs on dog walks?

Answer: We are happy to support the customer dog training. We are not dog trainers, however, we possess knowledge of basic commands. We highly recommend that all customers enroll themselves and their canine friends in Basic Obedience classes. It is the customer’s responsibility to train themselves and their dogs. We are happy to reinforce and support the primary training efforts. We adhere to positive and motivational training.

3. I want advice on house training, basic obedience and or medical/health information. Are you the expert on answering these questions?

Answer: Your vet is your resource for health or medical questions, breed identification, even questions on house training if it is medically related. Questions related to house training, basic obedience or similar will be referred back to the customer to find an Animal Behavioral certified specialist or a certified trainer.

Our services are geared to walking your dog, playing with you cats, feeding when pet sitting. Please refer to out Rates and Services page. Anything above and beyond these basic services are the customer’s responsibility.

4. I want other people involved in the dog walks and I want the dog walker to be responsible for other adults or children in the home. Can you do cover this too?

Answer: Sorry. We are these solely for the purpose of walking your furry friend(s) and or pet sitting. The customer is responsible for engaging professional care for their human relatives. Awwdorable Pets will not be engaging in other service provider accountability not directly related to pet care. We recommend that other service providers support in a collaborative way in getting the pet in and out of the house for the safety of the pets.

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