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Let Outs:

Let outs are scheduled during the week or work day for an indoor or backyard exercise and/or bathroom break. Does not include feeding or dog walking.

  • $10.00 (15 minutes)
  • $25.00 (30 minutes)

Feeding Only:

Feeding and fresh water update only for up to two pets. Litter pan cleaning included. Does not include pet sitting, dog walking or let outs.

  • $18.00 (up to 20 minute visit)

Feed + Walk Bronze:

  • $25.00 Mid-day, evening or morning feeding and 10 minute walk.

Feed + Walk Silver:

  • $40.00 1 evening feeding and 10 minute walk and one next morning feeding and 10 minute walk. (Alternative to overnight petsitting)

Dog Walking Rates:

  • $25.00 (30 minute walk)
  • $40.00 (45 minute walk)

Pet Sitting / Overnights:


1 evening visit: We’ll feed your furry friend(s) dinner and have playtime for 15 minutes. Later, the Petsitter returns between 8:30 and 9:00 PM and stays until 6:00 or 7:00 AM the next morning. The pet sitter will feed the pets and will change the water bowl in the morning prior to leaving the next morning. Up to 2 pets. Add $10.00 per additional pet. We’ll also pickup mail, turn lights on, pick up newspaper and water plants.

Add Ons:
$5.00 Paired with dog walking upon request. 5 min Feeding up to 2 pets