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Operation Feral Cat Rescue!

Some of you may have been following Operation Feral Cat Rescue on the Awwdorable Pets FB page


I’ve been organizing a response to an feral cat crisis that has been developing in my neighborhood for years. It came to a breaking point last Friday when several neighbors ganged up on the feral cat neighbor and took it to Channel 13 who ran a story about it.

The neighbor with the feral cats shut the garage door and abandoned the cats who are now without food, water and shelter. Over the past few days I’ve been drumming up resources to capture the kitties and take them to safety.
BARC has agreed to lend me several live traps. Texas Litter Control will take the cats and spay/neuter them and them release them at their cat sanctuary.
I am writing to you to ask if there is anyone who has a truck, large SUV or van to help me pick up the live traps today at BARC. Please contact me:

So I get home after going to BARC to pick up the live traps and Telemundo had just arrived and were there to interview one of the neighbors who had ganged up on the feral cat neighbor.
I stated that I was reluctant to get on camera and I shared the story with the reporter about the neighborhood dispute and the 10-15 cats.

My neighbor who lives next door to the feral cat neighbor exaggerated about the number of cats and stated there were many more to create a more sensational story. This is inaccurate and misleading. One issue here is that the feral cat neighbor does not spay the cats and so the cycle continues for years. But it was far from being a serious news story. People who I talked to in the rescue community seemed surprised that the story aired.

The inability of people to communicate with each other to find a solution has led to this crisis and the welfare of the cats are sacrificed over the dispute. And no one had the cats best interest in mind. At this point, I got involved to find compassionate and humane solutions to assist the cats and defuse the escalating dispute between neighbors.

I contacted a rescue and sanctuary group, to guide me on the feral cats removal to then be placed at the cat sanctuary.

The rescue and transport this morning photos!
Getting a closer look at them, it’s clear that at minimum, two of them are in pretty poor health. I’m appreciating more the idea that anyone who subscribes to just feeding cats but not providing any other type of care like medical care is doing a dis-service to the cats. Without neutering/spaying, without vaccinations and proper medical care, the lives of these cats are compromised.

I’m touched by the lack of real care these cats have gotten and wish that they had had a better life. I hope that they all can be saved!

We’ll learn later on today their condition and what are the recommended actions for each of these precious felines!
Please support Texas Litter Control! The are taking in these kitties and will need help with donations to buy food, etc. Please click on this link to donate funds – Donate to Texas Litter Control
Designate in the notes for the E. Laureldale (Channel 13/Telemundo stories) kitties!





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