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Create a circle of pet guardians

This topic is near and dear to my heart. A few years ago, my husband and I created a private Facebook page where we asked pet-friendly and dedicated fellow pet-family friends to be our Pet Guardians for any reason should we pass away. Our friends said yes, and we still have the group active and now in the age of COVID19, it’s even more important. On this Pet Guardian page, we posted our pets names, photos, and general information.

My strategy going into selecting friends was to select both local and out of state with friends who connected with us via our mutual love of pets.

Give yourself peace of mind and set up your circle of pet guardians, knowing that they will have trustworthy friends who will care for them should you need them.

It’s become an even more pressing theme as we lice in the age of COVID19. It’s

This article does a nice job of covering similar issues and thoughts.

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