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Pawsitive Pet Education

Awwdorable Pets Resource Library, Media Center and Store

We couldn’t be happier to offer to our customers training and behavior resources to support building stronger, positive bonds with our individual fur family members! At Awwdorable Pets, we believe that learning is an ongoing process that starts with love and compassion. It’s at the core of what we are about. We care that your pets are well-loved and protected while under our care and we make it part of our work to continually learn, share, adapt, adopt, and refreshen skills.

White dog walking on a leash facing towards the camera

One thing that I love about working with my customers and their pets, is that I’m always learning from them about their relationship with their pets. It’s crucial to providing a consistent flow in their lives while the pet parent is traveling or at work or simply wanting more reinforcement of positive behaviors.

Julia Moreno Perri

Awwdorable Pets is now an affiliate of, which has an extensive network of books, DVDs, streaming videos, and other resources available for enthusiastic pet parents. Click here to peruse the Dogwise website.

Should you be interested in learning more about your dog’s behavior, or how to work with your dog using positive or gentle obedience techniques, you can buy a wide variety of books directly from the Dogwise website.

Lending Library

We will be adding books that we purchase from Dogwise and other vendors to our Awwdorable Pets Lending Library. We will list books here shortly that we have on hand as we grow the library.

  • Beware Of The Dog – Positive Solutions for Aggressive Behavior In Dogs.
  • Canine Good Citizen: The Official AKC Guide, 2nd Edition: Ten Essential Skills Every Well-Mannered Dog Should Know.
  • He’s Only Playing! Meeting, Greeting and Play Between Dogs. What’s OK, What’s Not.
  • Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Next Generation Treatment Protocols and Practices.

Awwdorable Pet families, should you like to check out a book, send us an email or message us through your customer portal account, and we can arrange a drop-off or pick-up of the book to you. If you find the book is useful and you’d like to add it to your collection, you may purchase a copy here, at the Dog Wise website.

We are excited to offer you these resources as you deepen and strengthen the bond that you have with your dog(s), cat(s) and other pets! We care about supporting you on this journey as your caring and committed pet care service provider.