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What Our Customers Are Saying

Awwdorable Pets (Julie) is amazing! Not only did she take the absolute best care of our cats she was flexible and very communicative while we were out of town. We feel so lucky to have found Awwdorable Pets!! Highly Recommend. (NextDoor app)

Rachel M.

I am new to Pasadena and found Julia just in time to start back to work two days a week. She is super-friendly, reliable, responsive, and sends amazing post-walk reports!

Karen S.

Julia! Thank you so much for everything. It was great to know Herc was being so well cared for. I’m so glad to know you’re here!

Katy K.

.. i have to give you such a big hug when I see you. The boys were so happy and I can tell they were wonderfully taken care of!

Stephanie S.

Julia and Awwdorable Pets provided amazing care for my cat! Everything was very well-organized – from her pet portal where I put in pet information to the meet and greet at the house. Before I left we walked through the feeding routine as well as contingency plans for emergency contacts. While we were away, I received daily updates and cute pictures. My cat is usually a little stand offish if I’m away for too many days, but this time she was very happy to see me! I think it’s because she was in such loving hands! Thanks again Julia!

Mayumi F.

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