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Pet Relocation Consultant

We can help you with critical information to help your move abroad with your dear pets less stressful.

With an experienced Pet Relocation Consultant to help you get started, we connect you to resources, suppliers, transporters, government links, and other resources. We do not transport or handle pets during the move but we will recommend services and information for you to make the process better for you.

Click on the Link Tree link here or fill out the Pet Relocation Inquiry form here. We will contact you to schedule a consultation via Zoom or Google Hangouts. A one-hour consultation is $50.00.

Julia Moreno Perri, Business Owner of Awwdorable Pets, solely managed the relocation of her five pets when she moved abroad to Mexico several years ago. Since moving back to the USA, she has re-established her pet care business and has expanded services to include pet relocation consultancy. She has since helped customers with the initial phases of their relocation abroad and looks forward to helping you with your exciting move!

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